The average rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage remained more than 5.5 % for the third week in a row. Unfortunately rates went up.Mortgage rates overview

According to the survey 30-year fixedrate mortgage rose 7 basis points up to 5.41 %. A year ago the mortgage index was 6.41 %. A month ago it was 5.48 %.

  • This week's rate (30-year fixed mortgage): 5.41%

  • Change from last week (30-year fixed mortgage): +0.07

  • Monthly payment (30-year fixed mortgage): $927.56

  • Change from last week (30-year fixed mortgage) : +$7.20

Since in September 1985 there was only one period in which the 30-year fixed remained under 5.5 % for longer than this three weeks. That were May and June 2003 - the height ofa refinance boom..


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